ProB CLI Nightly Build

Please note, that this version is used for our build process and is not intended for end users.
It does not contain all libraries required to run the tool from the command line.
Please download the tcl/tk archive instead. It contains the probcli binary as well as all libraries that are required.

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[DIR]Parent Directory  -  
[   ]probcli_leopard64.zip28-Jul-2016 21:01 7.6MProB CLI for MacOS 64Bit
[   ]probcli_linux32.zip28-Jul-2016 21:03 7.5MProB CLI for Linux 32Bit
[   ]probcli_linux64.zip28-Jul-2016 21:05 8.4MProB CLI for Linux 64Bit
[   ]probcli_win32.zip28-Jul-2016 22:00 8.6MProB CLI for Windows 32Bit
[   ]probcli_win64.zip28-Jul-2016 22:11 9.3MProB CLI for Windows 64Bit
[   ]probquery_leopard64.zip06-Aug-2015 00:08 17M 
[   ]probquery_linux.zip06-Aug-2015 00:09 14M 
[   ]probquery_linux64.zip06-Aug-2015 00:09 14M 
[   ]probquery_win32.zip06-Aug-2015 00:09 12M 
[   ]prosmt_starexec.tar02-Dec-2015 09:18 163M 
[   ]windowslib32.zip29-Jul-2016 20:14 1.6MProB Libraries for Windows 32Bit
[   ]windowslib64.zip29-Jul-2016 20:14 1.7MProB Libraries for Windows 64Bit